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  1. Hey. My name is Bren and I'm from the UK. I've been a fan of Dragon Ball since I can remember (about 20 years). I first saw it on Cartoon Network as a boy and I first saw the Ocean dub and was confused when their voices all changed around the Frieza Saga. I have the largest collection of anybody I know, I have a lot of VHS, DVD, Blu Ray sets, a lot of the video games going as far back as the NES. I am also trying to collect all versions of Dragon Ball dubs and obscure footage digitally.
  2. Hey. I left a comment on one of your YouTube vids regarding the Xbox Live Level Set footage you had. Is it possible to download these somehow? I'm trying to archive all different versions/dubs of all of Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super etc digitally. Cheers!
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