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  1. So as those who have been here on our first week, it's been riddled with buggy messes such as camouflaging colours and shades, as well invisible text and not much activity from yours truly. The fact of the matter is that I've been working really hard to fix these issues and make the website 110% presentable, but as I'm learning the hard way, web administration is anything but easy. If anybody reading this would like to act as a co-admin on this site full-time for me, PM me and we can discuss it. Don't look at me! I was just in it for the fashion! -Arian
  2. Anything that aired on Cartoon Network in the UK was mirrored, simulcast if you will on the Yor network in the Netherlands. I'm not sure if Dragon Ball, GT, or any of the movies actually aired on Yor, but if they did, they would be the Blue Water and Bridge dubs respectively with Dutch subtitles.
  3. Well, this is it. After years of deliberating, I've finally decided to open my own Dragon Ball fansite. Perhaps by doing so, I've opened the door to new community that we can all bond over. Either that, or I've opened the floodgates of hell. In any event, I do hope you enjoy your time here, and be sure to post. I look forward to seeing what you all come over to discuss. Thank you. -Arian
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