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A Guide to DBZ's Initial broadcast on U.S. networks

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During it's Initial syndication broadcast in the US, we had two "blocks" of episodes before Saban and FUNi parted ways. These episodes used the much-loved Ocean Dub

Season 1: The Saiyan Conflict - September 13, 1996 - May 24, 1997 - Aired through local listings

Season 2: The Namek Saga - September 13, 1997 - May 23, 1998 - Aired through local listings (around this block, FUNi would split the third movie "Tree of Might" into 3 episodes)

When CN picked up the rights in August 1998, FUNimation would finish up the rest of the series by dubbing it in-house

Season 3: Ginyu and Frieza Sagas - September 13 - November 3, 1999 - Aired on weekday afternoons

"Mini-Series": Garlic Jr. Saga - April 8 - May 27, 2000; September 1, 2000 - Aired on Saturday mornings (108 (93) aired as part of Toonami's 24hr "Full Cycle" marathon, while 115 and 116 (100 and 101) aired together.)

Season 4: The Android and Cell Sagas - September 4 - December 29, 2000 - Aired on weekday afternoons

Season 5: Tournament and Majin Buu Sagas - September 10 - November 27, 2001 - Aired on weekday afternoons (Toonami aired 202 (187) during this season's second run)

Season 6: Majin Buu Continuation and Fusion Sagas - September 16 - November 19, 2002 - Aired on weekday afternoons

Final Season (7) - Kid Buu Saga [End of Z] - March 17 - April 7, 2003  - Aired on weekday afternoons

So basically, While there are 9 seasons on the modern DVD and BluRay, in actuality, There are 7 seasons of Z that aired on TV.

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I've heard there were only 7 seasons of the show on US television, but since this was before my time I never knew the exact way they were broken up. Wow, season 4 was big. The whole Cell saga, what would that be, 80 episodes? :classic_laugh:

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